Maker Trading Fee 0.5%
Taker Trading Fee 1.0%
Amoveo Withdrawal Fee VEO 0.005
BitCash Withdrawal Fee BITC 1
Bitcoin Withdrawal Fee BTC 0.0005
Ethereum Withdrawal Fee ETH 0.005
Grin Withdrawal Fee GRIN 0.05

We collect our trading fees from what you take in a trade.

Buy order fees are collected in the base currency, whereas sell order fees are collected in the quote currency. For instance, for ETH/BTC market, buy fees are in ETH and sell fees are in BTC.

Maker fee is charged when you add an order that does not match existing offers. Hence, you add liquidity to the market and are charged a maker fee.

Taker fee is charged when you create an order that is immediately matched with already existing orders. Taker fee is higher because takers take liquidity from the market.