Deposit VEO

Go to Zack's wallet:

Wait until the wallet loads all blocks. It loads them 5000 at a time, so you'll know it is loaded when the height isn't a number divisible by 5000.

Sending an Amoveo transaction

Load your private key using the "Choose file" button.

Check if your public key is correct. You can inspect the history of your account by copy pasting your public key to Veoscan.

Enter the amount you want to send. Make sure to leave some VEO for the transaction fee. Current fee is 0.00061657 VEO for sending and 0.00152118 VEO for creating an account. If the address you send doesn't have any VEO you will need to leave create account fee. You can check out the most recent fees here.

Example: If you have 1 VEO and your depositing the first time you will need to put in 1 - 0.00152118 = 0.99847882 to the amount field.

Copy and paste the public key which is given to your account in the deposit section.

A1 Exchange's deposit VEO panel

Press send. You will know it worked if the number in the send field dissappears.

Check if your transaction has been sent by using the explorers below. They may not be up to date so make sure to check your transaction in a few of them.

The interface in A1 Exchange pools Zack's explorer.

Checking the Amoveo balance considering the mempool

If the transaction amount is deducted from the wallet balance in the explorer, the missing amount will likely be transacted in the next Amoveo block. If that doesn't happen, try again or ask in the Telegram or the Discord group.

Wait for the next block to be mined to see it on Veoscan.

Wait for the required amount of blocks to be mined before having your account credited.


  • You may need to press send a few times for the Zack's wallet to send.
  • You may need to refresh the page for the Zack's wallet to send.
  • Double check your amount.