Getting Started

Here is how you could buy Amoveo through A1 Exchange:

1. Sign up

Click Sign up and register a new A1 Exchange account.

Your account will be activated after you confirm your email address. Follow the link you will get in your email to Log in.

2. Deposit Ethereum

Send some Ethereum to your deposit address in Deposit.

You could copy the link with the copy to clipboard button on the right hand side of the address.

After waiting for the confirmations, you will see your updated Ethereum balance on the top right corner.

3. Place a buy Amoveo order

Click Trade and place a buy order using the panel on the left. Type down the number of Amoveo you would like to buy, and the price you will pay for one Amoveo. Then, click Place Buy Order button.

4. Collect your Amoveo

Track your order on your Pending Orders and Executed Orders tables. Once your order will be matched, your Amoveo balance on the top right corner will be updated.

Open Amoveo Light Wallet and you will be given a new Amoveo wallet. Your public key is displayed as "your pubkey my_pubkey".

Save and secure its private key by clicking save private key to file .

Then, click Withdraw. Withdraw the desired amount to your Amoveo public key.

You could track your withdraw transaction with the Withdraws table below.